Is My House a Good Fit for Solar?

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Want to know if your home is a good fit for solar?

A few simple guidelines will help you to identify your home solar viability:

Here is a free, easy way to check if you have a good site for solar:

  1. Click here to visit BingMaps, which will give you an aerial view of your roof
  2. Type your address into the search bar & hit enter
  3. Switch from road view to birds eye view
  4. Zoom and apply the 3 considerations we reviewed above

Or, let us qualify your site for you.

Not sure what to expect? Here is how the consultation process works:

  1. Fill out the form here to request a site visit
  2. A SolarFlair employee will call you to pre-qualify your site for solar and review any questions
  3. If your home looks like a good candidate for solar, we will schedule a site visit at your home to gather more information and prepare a proposal for you.

Learn about what to expect for your site visit here: What to Expect from your Site Visit

If your home does not seem like a great fit, other options might be available to you. Do you own a barn with better roof exposure, a second home, or a business that may qualify for solar? Additionally, a large, sun-lit yard or piece of land may be a perfect fit for a ground or pole-mounted system.

Contact us for a SITE ASSESSMENT.

SolarFlair’s sales associates will work with you to design the most efficient, aesthetically pleasing system possible for your home.