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Imagine being your own clean energy supplier.

Be delighted by huge savings on your electric bills and reduce your family’s carbon footprint. Solar is one of the best financial and environmental investments you can make. Everyone can afford solar. Own your system outright or pay NO money to install. Understand ALL of your financing options before committing to an installation.

SolarFlair will present the options objectively (on paper and during consultation) for free so you can make an informed financial decision with no obligation. Here are the financing options explained:

Ownership Financing

Owning your solar system reaps multiple financial returns that will give you a surprisingly quick pay back time. The average break even is between four and six years, after which you will see the savings pile up as money in your pocket. Here’s why:

  1. Offset or eliminate your electricity bills
  2. Massachusetts Solar Rebate(s) take an average of $2000 off the installation costs
  3. State & Federal Tax Credits pay you back between 30% and 45% of the installation cost
  4. Get paid to produce solar energy by the Massachusetts Solar Renewable Energy Credit market

For more information on incentives check out the Incentives page!

PPA Financing

A Power Purchase Agreement is a service where a third-party financier offers to finance your installation for little or no money down. After the installation, you pay a predictable, per kilowatt hour rate (kWh) that is lower than what you pay to your current electricity provider. You won’t believe how much you will save on your electric bill!

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