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Going Solar Just Got Easier

We know going solar is a commitment. So does Massachusetts – that’s why they created the Solarize Mass campaign, a statewide initiative meant to encourage whole communities to power their houses by the sun. That’s where we come in – if you’re here, it’s because your community has chosen us to be their designated solar installer.

What Is the Solarize Mass Program, Exactly?

In short, it’s a grassroots educational campaign driven mainly by local volunteers meant to increase the adoption of small-scale solar electricity systems. A mouthful? Yes. A worthwhile cause? We think so. The best – and most relevant – part of the Solarize program, however, is that it gives residents access to low base pricing, typically resulting in 15%-20% savings. And the more people in your community sign up to be a part of your Solarize program, the lower the base pay is.

It’s big solar savings with small town charm. Keep an eye out: you might find us at your local library, renting a table at your farmer’s market, or marking the end of a program at a local home, ready to answer any questions you might have.

Why SolarFlair?

Solar companies bid to be a part of this program. Each Solarize community holds a rigorous bidding and review process, and then choose which installer they think will be most qualified.

Since our involvement in the program in 2012, we’ve been chosen by over 27 communities – over one-third of all the Massachusetts towns that have been involved in the Solarize program. We're not exaggerating when we say that we're the #1 Solarize Installer in New England – we have more installations in the Solarize program than any other company.

Why are we so many communities go-to installer? A few reasons:

  • We’re close by, meaning we can be on-site ASAP and talk you through concerns or questions. We operate out of Ashland, and very much pride ourselves on being your neighborhood installer.
  • Working with 27+ communities isn’t for nothing! We’re chosen because we know how the process works – call it the result of 11 years of experience in the solar business. 
  • We offer low base pricing. To us, it’s important that solar remains accessible to those who want to save money in the long run.

And One More Thing: The SolarFlair Give Back Program

We truly are thankful to be chosen as your local installer. That’s why we’ve implemented the SolarFlair Give Back Program as part of our involvement in Solarize Mass.

What is the Give Back Program? It’s a way for us to give back to the communities that believe and invest in us. When enough residents sign contracts with SolarFlair during their Solarize program, resulting in 400kW or more installed, we will donate a 5kW system to a local non-profit or family in need.


Past receivers of the SolarFlair Give Back Program (formerly known as the Tier Six program) include: ​

Current Communities Being Served:

Williamstown & North Adams

Past Solarize Programs:

Newton, MA, Chelmsford-Carlisle, MA, Brookline, MA, Franklin, MA, Ashland, MA, Quincy, MA, West Newbury, MA, Warwick, RI, Ashby, MA, Somerville, MA, Newburyport, MA, Bolton, MA, Upton, MA, Lincoln, MA, Wayland, MA Sudbury, MA, Mendon, MA, Hopkinton, MA, Arlington, MA, Dover-Sherborn, MA, Milton, MA, South Kingstown, RI, Providence, RI, Springfield, MA, Longmeadow, MA

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