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Posted on: January 10 2008 Tags:  southwick zoo,  

January 10, 2008 — Local residents Paul & Carol Ratcliff, of 24 West Main Street have become another of Hopkinton residents to make a move toward reducing their carbon-footprint, investing in their energy independence, while reducing their draw from the electricity grid by installing a solar-electric photovoltaic (PV) system on the roof of their house.

Another resident resident to take advantage of this technology is Matt Arner, founder of SolarFlair Inc. of Hopkinton, who is also the Ratcliffs' solar engineer of record and contractor for the project.

Thomas A. Dawson, local green designer and registered architect, who plans to join them soon, connected the two parties nearly a year ago during the initial planning and feasibility stages. Matt and Tom offer the first visit, analysis, and feasibility study free of charge.

Ratcliff Residence Solar Electric Installation:

  • — provides 80% of their annual electricity
  • — this system frees the homeowner from the burden of rising energy costs
  • — homeowner captured rebates and tax credits of $9000 to make the system affordable
  • — system pays for itself in 6 years and the life of the system is 30 years
  • — spins electric meter backwards during the day giving the homeowner credit for the electricity produced