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Posted on: January 28 2011 Tags:
Framingham, MA - The past meets the future at historic Saxonville Mills as Creative Development Co., SolarFlair Energy, Inc. and Brookline Bank team up to install a 498kW photovoltaic solar energy system. Saxonville Mills, originally built in 1884 as a textile...
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Posted on: January 26 2011 Tags:
President Barack Obama alternately played the role of cheerleader-in-chief and political tough guy while giving green energy pride of place in his State of the Union address Tuesday. In his speech the president sketched out a vision of a government...
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Posted on: January 18 2011 Tags:
For three months, residents in Westborough have been watching the installation of a solar panel farm under the Milk Street Bridge near the plaza at 108 Milk Street (where Robinson Music is located) on Route 135. The field of glass has been...
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Posted on: January 13 2011 Tags:
WESTBORO — Bruce F. Forrestall used to build houses. His latest project is a farm. But instead of fruits and vegetables planted in the ground, there are photovoltaic panels. This is a solar farm. The 240-kilowatt project includes 856 solar panels....
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Posted on: January 05 2011 Tags:
Incoming Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy (D) is likely to move forward with renewable energy legislation in Connecticut that would establish a solar renewable energy credit (SREC). Such legislation local industry insiders say would provide an important incentive in the state...
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