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Sullivan Residence

By installing both a Solar Hot Water system and a 4.8 kW Solar Electric system, the Sullivan’s have taken full advantage of the clean energy that the sun has to offer. Between the two systems, this family will displace about 7,500 lbs of CO2 per year. SolarFlair’s designed photovoltaic system will account for 69% of the family’s electricity consumption, and will thus result in approximately $80,200 in savings over the 25 year life of the PV system. The minimum SREC revenue generated by the PV system in the first 10 years will be $14,974.

  • (24) Suntech STP200-18/Ub-1
  • (1) Solectria Renewables PVI5000
  • grid-connected inverter
  • (2) Schuco 80 HE-1 collectors