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Slater Residence


This 4.94 kW solar PV system installed in Medway, Ma in 2008 is expected to save the owners $85,000 over the next 25 years. The Slater’s, an environmentally conscious family, had wanted to add solar for some years before asking SolarFlair to determine if solar energy would be viable for them. On the initial site visit, SolarFlair determined there were many areas of energy inefficiency and even wasteful hotspots in the Slater home and recommended addressing those before installing solar energy. From incandescent bulbs and air conditioning units, to a lack of insulation in the attic to name a few, SolarFlair’s energy assessment “really opened their eyes in a positive way about their daily energy use”. After taking some efficiency steps, the Slater’s resolved it was time for PV. SolarFlair designed the Slaters’ system and took care of all the paperwork involved in receiving rebates, permitting and interconnecting with the local utility company. The Slaters received over $11,000 from a state rebate program. A home equity loan was taken out to pay for the remainder of the system cost, and in fact the savings from their electricity bill exceeded the monthly payments to the home equity loan. The family’s environmental conscience can rest assured that they displace 4,621 lbs of CO2 emissions every year through their solar system alone.

  • 4.94 kW solar PV system
  • (26) Evergreen ES-190 panels
  • (1) Solectria Renewables PVI5000 grid-connected inverter
  • expected to save the owners $85,000 over the next 25 years