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Pacek Residence


The Pacek family is the proud owner of a 6.72kW system in Holden, MA. Holden has a Municipal Light Department that provides electricity to the citizens of the town. Normally, towns with Municipal Light Departments are not eligible to receive the Commonwealth Solar II rebate provided by the state, however, the town of Holden is one of the few that has signed a membership agreement with the MassCEC (the rebate granting agency). Thus, the Pacek’s were able to benefit from a $5,500 upfront rebate. Between this rebate, state tax incentives, and federal tax incentives, 44% of the system cost is paid for by the government within the first year of the system install. Within this same period, the Pacek’s can expect to save close to $900 on their electricity bill and receive about $1600 in SREC revenue. With all these incentives, the Pacek family’s new solar install will pay for itself in 5 years. The family can also feel good that they are helping the environment by displacing 5,250 lbs of CO2 annually. Their 32 solar panels will reduce their dependence on fossil fuel generated electricity by almost 50%.

  • (32) Suntech STP-210 panels
  • (1) Solectria Renewables PVI2500
  • (1) PVI4000 grid-connected inverters
  • displacing 5,250 lbs of CO2 annually