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Rich and Jane Residence


When Rich and Jane decided to build a home on the water’s edge in Cape Cod, they knew they wanted it to be powered with the abundant Cape Cod sunlight. They also wanted to make sure the system to compliment the natural beauty of the location. The system was thus designed using an aesthetically pleasing all-black solar energy panel.

Rich and Jane are also benefitting from the high efficiency of these panels, and are therefore able to fit a larger (6.75 kW) system on their new home. This solar system will produce roughly 60% of the family’s electricity consumption. Since they will be credited at the retail rate they pay the utility company, electricity bill savings will be $1,150 in the first year. Additionally, the family will be earning between $2,000 and $4,000 in SREC revenue for the next 10 years or more. Electricity bill savings and SREC revenue result in a payback period of 5 years for this solar install. With a system life of at least 30 years, the family will be producing free electricity for years to come!

  • (30) SunPower SPR-225E-BLK panels
  • (1) SPR-6000m grid-tied inverter