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Thank you to the Solarize Mass Plus Williamstown-North Adams Volunteer Team and all participants in this very successful program! 

The Solarize Team is currently seeking nominations for a local Non-Profit to receive the 5kW solar system donated by SolarFlair.  If you know of a worthy recipient please click on the link below and complete a nomination form. 



This program has ended as of JANUARY 31, 2020.  Please contact us for current information.  


How it works

The Solarize Mass program looks to increase the adoption of small-scale solar electricity systems and battery storage through a grassroots educational campaign, driven mainly by local volunteers, and low base pricing, typically resulting in a 20%-30% savings. SolarFlair Energy is working in conjunction town of Williamstown and the city of North Adams to implement this Solarize program. After thorough review and a rigorous bidding process, the committee selected SolarFlair as it's designated solar installation company. SolarFlair was selected because of our experience in Solarize programs since 2012, proximity to the community and the low base pricing that we offer.

Home and business owners who want to participate can either purchase a solar electricity system directly or enter into a lease with the installer. The greatest financial returns for the homeowner are achieved when they own the solar panels rather than lease.  Under a lease, a third party financier will own, operate and maintain the system, while the home or business owner agrees to purchase the power generated by the system at an agreed-upon rate.

Across the Commonwealth, Solarize Mass programs have resulted in more than 20,000 individuals expressing interest in pursuing solar electricity. Over 3,500 residents and business owners in the 65 communities signed contracts to install over 22 megawatts of solar electricity. In addition, the number of small-scale solar electricity projects in almost every community doubled as a result of the program.

Use the form below to sign-up for a free site assessment! Please indicate in the comments section if you are interested in solar PV, battery storage or both.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss the solar opportunity at your home.