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Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water systems are a simple, sensible way to reduce your energy usage and save money without modifying your lifestyle. Grants up to $3,500 are available from the Mass CEC to help ease the upfront cost of the installation.

SolarFlair’s integrated systems work in partnership with your existing hot water system. Each component is fully automated so you won’t have to worry about the day-to-day operations. You’ll see the immediate savings on your hot water heating costs while joining the revolution that is pushing America towards energy independence and a cleaner environment.

Solar made Simple: When you need hot water in your home for showers and laundry, your hot water system requires fuel (oil, gas, electric) to heat the water from 50-60 degrees to the desired 120 degrees for those activities. With a solar hot water system, that water is pre-heated to 80-90 degrees therefore requiring less fuel to get to the desired water temperature. Less fuel required means more money in your pocket so call SolarFlair to discover the promise of solar energy today!


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