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MENDON, Massachusetts (March 20, 2013) – The Solarize Mendon program is bringing 170 kW of solar energy to the homes and businesses of Mendon, MA. Local landmark Southwick’s Zoo and family-owned non-profit Maple Farm Sanctuary will be donning rooftop solar panels in order to cut down on energy costs and make a positive impact on the environment. Both organizations will be able to divert over $2,000 of yearly utility savings to facility improvements and maintaining high levels of care for the 600 animals housed at Southwick’s Zoo and the abused and unwanted farm animals that are able to find peace at Maple Farm Sanctuary.

These environmentally minded Mendon-based organizations felt the decision to switch to solar was simple. Cheri Ezell, co-owner of Maple Farm Sanctuary, explains; “We hope to be a part of what needs to be a very large movement to leave a planet that is healing—not failing—to our future generations.”

Long-term energy sustainability was a factor for both of these businesses when deciding to go solar. Betsey Brewer, Executive Director of the Southwick’s Zoo’s affiliated non-profit Earth Limited, stated that “taking a green initiative is the direction we endeavor to move more towards each year.” Earth Limited seeks to educate people about environmental issues such as animal ecology, endangered species and threatened habitats. The installation of the rooftop solar array will eventually be paired with Southwick’s repurposing of what was the gift shop into the Center for the Earth Building, which will house Earth Limited programs focusing on land conservation and environmental issues.

Reducing their environmental impact by installing solar was an obvious choice for these two entities, but the small, technical choices in between dreams of solar power and its fruition were not so obvious. Ezell was pleased to work with SolarFlair Energy Inc, who “made the process of researching and learning about installing solar panels that we can afford and will most benefit the sanctuary so easy—every question has been answered with patience and wisdom.” SolarFlair Energy’s wisdom comes from having over eight years of experience in the budding solar industry and assisting more than 250 homes and businesses convert to clean energy.

Southwick’s Zoo and Maple Farm Sanctuary encourage other Massachusetts residents and businesses to consider if solar energy can meet their energy needs. Ezell thinks “installing a solar system is taking a big step towards an energy solution. SolarFlair shares this philosophy and will guide you toward your best solar solution.”

The Southwick’s Zoo solar array will be completed in early April 2013, and the zoo opens for the season on April 14th.