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Homeowners given incentives to switch to solar


"Karlin was one of about 50 people to turn out recently for what was dubbed Solar 201, a public meeting to introduce SolarFlair Energy Inc. as the contractor selected to mount a local bulk purchase of solar photovoltaic installations for interested Hopkinton residents and business owners.

Hopkinton is one of 17 cities and towns — already designated as Green Communities for their energy conservation efforts — to be invited to join the Solarize Massachusetts project, which aims to increase the use of solar power.

The state program uses a combination of bulk purchasing, state and federal tax credits, and rebates to offer reduced start-up prices for homeowners and businesses that choose to buy solar systems....

And the more people who sign up, the lower the prices will go, said SolarFlair vice president Dan Greenwood.

Potential participants must first schedule home assessments and home energy audits before the Sept. 30 deadline for enrollment."


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