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Westborough Car Wash


The Westborough Car Wash on Route 9 purchased a 19 kilowatt solar electric system to reduce energy costs and provide clean pollution-free electricity. The solar energy system reduces the electric bill for the car wash by 20%. With these savings, the project will pay for itself in just 5 years and the business will continue to receive free electricity for over 25 years. During certain times of the day, the solar panels produce more electricity than the building is using. The surplus electricity is sold back to the utility and literally spins the electric meter backwards. SolarFlair provided design and installation services for the project.

Through the Commonwealth Solar Program, SolarFlair was able to secure rebates worth 40% of the system cost. The car wash can monitor solar energy production and energy savings through a website. All of the major photovoltaic components for the project were manufactured locally. The solar panels were manufactured in Marlborough, MA and the power inverter was manufactured in Lawrence, MA.

  • 19 kilowatt solar electric system